Our seven favorite subreddits for car fans

If you've been on the internet for a while, chances are you've probably run across Reddit.com, the vast posting board with topics ranging from funny cat videos to recipes to movie trailers and everything in between. These specialized, topic-focused pages are called "subreddits" and are reachable through the main page. Tens of millions of people from around the world go to Reddit every day to follow the latest news on their interests. There seems to be a subreddit for everything you can imagine, and we do mean everything.

For car and truck fans, Reddit can be a real gold mine, if you can find your way through all the noise to the pages that interest you. Best of all, many of the most popular subreddits are updated daily and often hourly with readers "upvoting" the most interesting posts so they make their way to the top of the page, while the best posts draw thousands of comments that range from helpful to absurd.

Read on for our seven favorite vehicle-related subreddits, and when you've got a little time, go check some out. If you get tired of drooling over images of vehicles and want to slip behind the wheel of a real one, stop in at the all-new Heartland Ford of Heber Springs, where our selection, prices and commitment to customer service is second to none.

A kind of catch-all subreddit for all things automotive, r/cars is a grab bag of cool that changes daily thanks to content from 1.4 million followers, including videos, project cars, information on new and upcoming vehicles, racing, trucks, technology and safety advancements, in-progress and completed restorations and lots, lots more. You can spend hours there, and we have! 

From the Edsel to the Peel Microcar, a lot of weird and wonderful vehicles have been put on the road since the dawn of the horseless carriage. The subreddit r/weirdwheels shines a spotlight on some of these forgotten automotive dead ends, showing off the cars you never heard of and those so ugly or badly engineered that we're still trying to forget them.

Ever dreamed of having a project car to tinker with on the weekend or in your spare time? On r/projectcar, it's all project cars, all the time, with members sharing photos of their finished restorations, barn finds, new vehicles in the process of being customized and other stuff. If you'd like to get a classic to play around with in the garage, this is a great place for inspiration.

Given what's on the sign out front, Heartland Ford can't skip the subreddit dedicated to the Blue Oval Brand! There's something for everyone on r/Ford, including classic Fords going all the way back to the Model T, custom cars, Mustangs, Ford Performance cars, lifted Ford trucks, classic and modern muscle cars, hot Ford compacts like the Ford Focus RS, and more. 


The subreddit for all things ponycar, r/Mustangs has almost 47,000 members, and is loaded with thousands upon thousands of photos and stories about stock, classic, racing, wrecked and customized Mustangs from every model year. If you've ever loved a 'Stang, you'll find plenty to love here.

Ever been digging through grandpa's garage or toolbox, found a thoroughly weird tool, and thought: "What the heck is THAT for?" If so, r/specializedtools is the subreddit for you. Though not everything on the subreddit is auto-related, a lot of the things displayed and identified are. For someone who is a fan of tools, it's pure pleasure.

Ask your friendly mechanic to describe the weirdest, wildest or most head-scratching thing that ever rolled into their shop, and you're likely to hear plenty of crazy things. Stories and photos like that are why r/justrolledintotheshop exists, with professional mechanics showing off pictures and tales of modifications, neglected maintenance and plain ol' dumb gone wrong for clueless car owners, and right for the mechanic's pocketbook.

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