Ford recently dropped full details on SYNC 4, the next-generation communications and entertainment system accessed through the center-dash touchscreen in Ford vehicles, which will replace the older SYNC 3 system on select models starting this year, with a brand-wide rollout in 2021. Long story short: your new Ford vehicle is about to get a major upgrade, with faster, simpler and easier access to navigation, music, information and more, with fewer cords to untangle.

Here at Heartland Ford of Heber Springs, we've been dazzled by the technology available in new Ford cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in recent years. Read on for a few of the details that are coming soon to your new Ford vehicle, thanks to SYNC 4.

CLOUD CONNECTIVITY: Tired of typing in search terms when you're looking for a gas station, restaurant, shoe store or the latest weather reports? SYNC 4 will combine cloud connectivity with improved voice recognition technology to give you lightning-fast, hands-free access to internet search results, helping you keep your eyes on the road while getting the most accurate results to help lead the way.

BETTER VOICE RECOGNITION: Speaking of SYNC 4's improved voice recognition, the system's cutting-edge, cloud-based voice processing system gives SYNC 4 the ability to understand and deliver detailed answers to less formal, more conversational requests like "Where can I get a latte near here?" or “Is there a Ford dealership near me?" In addition, the upgraded voice recognition makes previously-difficult tasks more possible, like answering emails and texts using only your voice.

ENHANCED MULTI-TASKING: 2020 Ford vehicles will feature high-definition touchscreen displays ranging from 8 to 15.5 inches, and SYNC 4 makes the most of those displays through enhanced multitasking that allows the system to simultaneously run and display multiple apps at the same time. On screens larger than 12 inches, there's an available split-screen ability that allows you to open two or more windows at once, making some larger and others smaller based on your needs.

FEWER CORDS: From tangled cords to lost cords to frayed cords, cords are a genuine hassle when you're on the go. Ford sees your frustrations and has the answer with SYNC 4, which features cord-free smartphone communication and integration via a number of systems, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and SYNC AppLink. 

IT LEARNS YOUR ROUTINE: Once you get an in-vehicle system set up to your preferences, it's pretty great, but taking the time to input those preferences can be a real pain. With SYNC 4, you'll be doing less of that, thanks to the system's integrated "machine learning" ability that allows the SYNC 4 to automatically learn your preferences and then make suggestions for things like alarms, alerts, and more based on your previous habits. 

EASIER TO USE: When you're driving, anything that distracts you from the road can be hazardous to your safety, which is why Ford has put a lot of thought into making SYNC 4 easier to use than ever. On 15.5-inch touchscreens, which includes the innovative Adaptive Dash Cards system, that keeps the features you use often on interactive, quick-launch tabs along the bottom edge of the screen, allowing you to do things like hang up calls, skip songs and more with just one quick touch.   


“SYNC has always featured the best of Ford innovation to help our customers stay connected to and manage their busy lives as they move about the world,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford chief product development & purchasing officer. “With this new fourth-generation technology, we’ve evolved SYNC into an intelligent, voice-activated, in-vehicle digital assistant.”

At Heartland Ford, we're proud to sell quality Ford products, which exist at the intersection of old-school engineering know-how and the latest cutting-edge technology, like the incredible new SYNC 4 system. Ready to make your life easier behind the wheel? Then stop in today at Heartland Ford of Heber Springs and let us walk you through all the ways SYNC 4 can simplify your drive and make your adventures easier than ever!

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