When you've been the best-selling truck in America for an unbeatable 42 years straight like the Ford F-series, it might be tempting to sit back on your laurels and just coast for a few years. That's not the way Ford does things, though, and the proof is seen every time they introduce a new update to America's Favorite Trucks.

Case in point: Ford recently dropped some numbers about the new 2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty, and they're huge, even for Ford. They include: 

Best-in-class maximum diesel conventional towing of up to 24,200 pounds!

Best-in-class maximum fifth-wheel towing of up to 32,500 pounds!

Best-in-class maximum gooseneck towing of up to 37,000 pounds!


Best-in-class diesel power of 475 hp from the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V8!

Best-in-class diesel torque of an incredible 1,075 ft.-lbs. -- the first heavy-duty truck to break into four-digit torque numbers without paying for an optional "high-output" engine like Ram. 

Best-in-class gasoline power of 430 hp from the all-new 7.3-liter gasoline V8!

Best-in-class gasoline torque of 475 lb.-ft. from the 7.3 V8! 

Best-in-class maximum payload capacity of 7,850 pounds! 

Whew! We typed "best-in-class" so many times there that we got tired of it, but that's par for the course when it comes to Ford F-series. Staying ahead of the competition for four straight decades takes a lot of innovation and engineering know-how, and Ford brings that long tradition of excellence to the table every time they take a seat.

“Ford truck customers are building a better world with Super Duty and we’re helping them work even harder with the most available diesel towing, payload, torque and power you can get in a heavy-duty pickup,” said Mike Pruitt, Super Duty chief engineer. “We’re excited to be in the nation’s largest truck market at the State Fair of Texas announcing we’ve surpassed the kilotorque (1,000 ft.-lbs.) barrier and made it standard with every pickup truck featuring a Power Stroke diesel engine.”

To put the capability of the 2020 Ford F-series Super Duty into a framework that can be easily understood: your average American quarter horse weighs 1,200 pounds. A 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty with the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel could tow over two dozen of them, PLUS A GOOSENECK TRAILER -- in one go. That's a lot of ponies, but it's all in a day's work for a Built Ford Tough Super Duty truck.

The Ford Assembly plants in Kentucky and Ohio are currently gearing up to produce the 2020 F-Series Super Duty, which should be on our lot here at Heartland Ford of Heber Springs by the end of the year. Want to be one of the first in our neck of the woods to own the next big, big, BIG thing from Ford? Then stop in today and let's get the paperwork started. If you've got hard days of towing and hauling ahead, you'll be glad you did. 

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