Did you know the best way to protect the value of your vehicle and ensure that it functions well for years to come is to maintain it properly? Sounds pretty easy, right? However, a lot of people are intimidated about where to even start with their vehicles. We know this can be a challenge for most customers so we have provided some answers to a few frequently asked questions about servicing your car. We hope this information is helpful to you!    


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Q: How often should I get an oil change? 

A: Most suggest that you should get your oil changed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles or even easier to remember, every three months. An oil change is essential because it's what keeps the internal cogs and gears running smoothly. 


Q: How often should I check my vehicle's fluid levels? 

A: Besides your oil change there are other fluids that need to be checked on that are vital to your vehicle. Some of these you should check are - transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant and even power steering fluid. These levels are not affected by how much you drive but the temperature. So if you live in the south these are non-negotiable. We suggest you check these every time you check your oil so about every month or so.   


Q: How often should I check my air filter? 

A: There are usually two filters in your vehicle. One for the engine and the other is used for the cabin. When your air filter gets dirty this can prevent airflow which limits the engine’s ability to expend hot air and inhibits clean air to pass. Now, how much you change will vary but the typical timeframe is every 30,000 miles or so. But lucky for you, this is a quick and easy fix that is relatively inexpensive. 


We hope this was helpful to you! We know that with all the different parts and systems it can be confusing. If you ever have any questions trust our Service Center at the all-new Heartland Ford of Heber Springs! Whether you're looking for an oil change, basic service, tires, batteries or major repairs, we do it all, at prices that are highly competitive. We're ready to see you at Heartland Ford of Heber Springs!


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