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Spring is here and ain’t she beautiful! We sure welcome the warmer weather. After the tough season of cold harsh temperatures, unpredictable weather, salt or sand on the road - your vehicle probably needs a little extra care this time of year. Now that winter is gone it’s time to get your vehicle ready for those spring and summer adventures. When it comes to vehicle maintenance it can be difficult to know what to check. Here at Heartland Ford of Heber Springs, we have provided a handy dandy Spring Maintenance checklist just for you!


Spring Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Oil and Filter Change - We know this probably sounds redundant as it’s most likely in your normal maintenance routine. We also know how easy these are to forget or understand their importance. Regular oil changes help to maintain a healthy engine. The longer we go in between oil changes the less effective it becomes. Hence why it’s great to make this a part of your car maintenance routine!  

  2. Tire Pressure and Tread - This should be a no brainer for sure! For tire pressure - it should always match what your vehicle manual recommends. We suggest you find this in the pits of your glove compartment - you know it's hiding in there. You most likely already know why it's important to check your tire pressure between the winter going into spring. The fluctuations in temperature can also cause fluctuations in your vehicle's tire pressure so avoid a flat tire and check that tire pressure! You might even want to look at inflating your tires with nitrogen. When using nitrogen to air up your tires, it often gives your vehicle a better MPG, extends the tires’ lifespan, oxidation blockage and it’s even a more “green” option for our earth; however, if you do not maintain the nitrogen properly you’ll get a loss of gas mileage and increased tire wear. This is also the perfect time to check your tire tread depth. Without enough tread, your tires can’t grip the road like they are supposed to. This will compromise how your car handles different weather conditions.      

  3. Wiper Blades and Fluid - Your wipers are probably looking rough after the winter months. Get ahead of those spring/summer storms with clear wipers. If a simple window cleaner doesn’t do the trick it’s time for an upgrade.   


We know this isn’t a comprehensive list of maintenance but it’s some of the top things to look for. Do you need help with your vehicle's maintenance? Here at Heartland Ford of Heber Springs, we are here to help with whatever you need. Call or swing by today!  

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